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DJ and Producer

Hailing from Miami, FL, as well as making a name for himself in the college town of Tallahassee, FL, 22-year-old DJ and Producer Daniel "Menacious" Meneses sought out to prove himself amongst the many giants in the EDM/Music Production scene. Combining his childhood influences into a carefully-crafted blend of infectious basslines and energetic festival leads, Menacious' sound is bound to bring parties to life. 2021 has marked a strong start for Menacious, landing an official remix for Shelco Garcia & Teenwolf on their song "No Limit," featuring Hawkboy, as well as an official remix for AlexeīG's "Goofy" from his "1999 Nostalgia" debut album. 
 His versatility only begins there, however, with his latest album release together with aviD titled "New Style" showcasing a plethora of different musical influences outside of the EDM realm coming together in a sound that is familiar, yet forward-thinking. With time, Menacious is making a statement that reads: "My time is coming."